Current projects

Gobby’s post-doc work extends to three different projects working with a variety of organizations.

Decolonizing Climate Policy in Canada:

Though Indigenous Peoples are on the frontlines of climate change and are leading the movements for climate justice across the globe, they are systematically excluded from the decision-making tables at which climate policy is made. In this research project, Jen is partnering with Indigenous Climate Action to conduct collaborative policy analysis of the Pan Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change and develop Indigenous-led climate policy.

Jen is also working with the Front commun pour la transition energetique to gather feedback and input from Indigenous people across the province on the Front Commun’s draft ZeN Plan for a carbon neutral Quebec, in order to develop a final version of the plan that is more adequately informed by Indigenous peoples, their rights and approaches to climate action.

Learning about transformative change in times of crisis: connecting bottom up and top down efforts to transform Montreal during Covid-19:   

Crises can disrupt the status quo in ways that open up opportunities for transforming social, political and economic systems. Actors across the political spectrum have been seizing the global Covid-19 pandemic to push systems in the directions they seek. This research project aims to actively support community groups and projects across Montreal that are responding to COVID-19 crisis in ways that seek to transform Montreal’s social, political, and economic systems towards justice, equity and sustainability.This research is being conducted in collaboration with Concordia’s SHIFT Center for Social Transformation and a wide variety of community groups and organizations across the city.