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Activist, researcher, educator and author

Jen Gobby is an activist-scholar based in rural Quebec. She is founder of the MudGirls Natural Building Collective, and organizes with Climate Justice Montreal. She completed her Ph.D at McGill in 2019 as part of the Economics for the Anthropocene partnership and is now a post doctoral fellow at Concordia University in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment. She has spent the last 5 years thinking collaboratively with land defenders and environmental justice activists about how we can more powerfully push for large scale social change. Her current research focuses on documenting and leveraging the learnings going on in movements and communities about how we can seize the Covid-19 crisis to push for transformative change in social, economic and political systems. She is also working on a project with Indigenous Climate Action to develop Indigenous-led climate policy. She is on the steering committee of Concordia’s SHIFT Centre for Social Transformation.


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